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Gender by Mind Map: Gender

1. Stereotypes

1.1. Male

1.1.1. Ideal bodies Strong, active, physically dominant

1.2. Female

1.2.1. Ideal bodies "Thin ideal" - Sexuality and Youthfulness (Youthfulness usually achieved by surgery, sports and healthy eating lifestyle) Cosmetics and style

2. Video games

2.1. Male

2.1.1. Competitor

2.1.2. Hero

2.1.3. Exaggerated strength and hyper masculine

2.2. Female

2.2.1. Sexualized female bodies

2.2.2. Evil obstacle or "damsel in distress"

3. Social networks and media

3.1. Ideal

3.1.1. Male Are depicted in more elevated positions More likely to inhabit work roles

3.1.2. Female More emotional graphics while communicating on the internet More likely to inhabit work roles Pictured in more submissive positions Helplessness More likely to express emotion