RAMunch: APC Online Food Ordering System

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RAMunch: APC Online Food Ordering System by Mind Map: RAMunch: APC Online Food Ordering System

1. Research Locale

1.1. APC Cafeteria

1.1.1. XO Kitchen

1.1.2. Adryon

1.1.3. Red Brew

2. Target Market

2.1. Students

2.2. APC Professors

2.3. APC Admin and Staff

2.4. Store owners

3. Application Features

3.1. Consumer

3.1.1. Place order

3.1.2. View order status

3.2. Store owner

3.2.1. Update inventory

3.2.2. Manage order

4. Contactless Food Ordering System

4.1. Increase order accuracy and service speed

4.2. Know the available items in real time

4.3. Maintain a healthy and safe environment

5. Objective

5.1. To create a web-based application as a platform for APC Online Food Ordering System.

5.2. To minimize queuing time in ordering food.

5.3. To practice social distancing in the resumption of face-to-face classes.

6. Project Output

6.1. Web-based application