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Memory by Mind Map: Memory

1. Sensory memory, it is storage of information before short term

1.1. Iconic & echoic

1.2. Short term/Working memory

1.3. Long Term Memory

2. Explicit Memory is connected because memory because its how we can recall things

2.1. Semantic memory

2.1.1. related because we can recall things through our knowledge and use of facts

2.2. Episodic memory

2.2.1. Related to memory because its a type of memory, related to explicit because we can recall memories through events that have happened

3. Implicit memory is recalling memories that we know but don't directly do.

3.1. Unlocking doors

3.2. Classical conditioning, using a stimuli to make an action occur on command

4. Procedural Memory is directly related to memory because its a way we remember things, though motor skills

4.1. Is directly related to implicit memory because these skills are ones that we do without thinking

4.2. This is controlled by the basal ganglia

5. Conceptual understanding increases over time, the older then the better, This is related to memory because the concepts can be understood and remembered through different types of memory.

5.1. principles

5.2. models

5.3. theories

6. Semantics is how a person processes information to form a memory

6.1. Semantics is related to memory because its a step in creating one

6.2. Meaning-related

7. Phonemes and morphemes, these are components of language. Language and its componets help form a basis for what we know and undertsand

7.1. free and bounded morphemes

8. Recall & Retrieval are what is often done with the memory after it has been encoded

8.1. forgetting happens during recall because memory fades as time move forwards

9. Flashbulb memories, are ones that can be described very well later in time

9.1. False memories, often flashbulb memories are told different

10. Long-term potentiation, is what strengths the neurons to form memories

10.1. Hippocampus controls this part of the brain and helps formation

11. Recognition is related because its a way we remember things. We have done something like it

12. Proactive interferance is related because recolation of memory is decresed by past information

12.1. this cause the recalling of new memories to be lower

13. The thalamus acts as the brains snapshot memory and it stores information

14. Noam Chomsky based his idea about language around the idea that its innate and we have pre-existing memory of it when we younger

14.1. This makes talking later in life easier

14.2. however skinner believed we learned languages through environment and behaviorism.

15. Available heuristics are information and memores we can recall that lead to a bias about something. This relates to memory because its based on what we can recall.

15.1. representative heuristics involve memory because its a judgement based on memory that you are told

16. The two types of bias, confirmation and hindsight both relate to memory. Confirmation bias is being bias off new information instead of your memory and knowledge

16.1. hindsight is the knew it all along thinking. you manipulate your memory to think something was planned.

17. Functional fixedness relates to memory because the memory of an object makes you use an object only one way. You do not wanna break the memory of how things are done.