Decision making under uncertainty

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Decision making under uncertainty by Mind Map: Decision making under uncertainty

1. Bottom up, emergent solutions

2. Agile (SCRUM et al)

3. Behaviour-driven development (Liz Keogh et al)

4. Cynefin (Dave Snowden)

5. Limits of planning

6. Complex systems/Complexity (mostly Taleb)

7. Opacity of knowledge

8. Optionality

9. Assymetry/Antifragility

10. Lean Startup

11. Lean/Toyota

12. Stock Market/Option trading

13. Knowledge economy/workers (Drucker)

14. Test-driven development

15. Model-driven design (homonymous book)

16. Model-based engineering (MBSE) (INCOSE ?)

17. Broadly right vs precisely wrong

18. Chaotic systems/ Butterfly effect

19. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation (Typhoon HIL)

20. Test automation for Power Electronics (EVBox DC Converter?)