Python Tutoring System

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Python Tutoring System by Mind Map: Python Tutoring System

1. Method of Teaching

1.1. Text similar to general documentation.

1.2. Code snippet examples.

1.3. Video tutorial/walkthrough.

1.3.1. Youtube embeds?

1.3.2. Locally stored videos?

2. End of Chapter Questioning

2.1. Multiple choice quiz.

2.2. Minor code test/requires code to be written and checked.

2.3. Optional help selection to re-do a certain topic.

3. Notifications/Inbox (Potention future feature)

3.1. Reminders to complete quizes/following topics/chapters.

3.2. Quiz results to be received via inbox?

3.3. Occasional source material for further reading.

4. User Settings

4.1. Customization?

4.1.1. Avatar

4.1.2. Nickname

4.1.3. Bio

4.2. Security Settings

4.2.1. Change password.

4.2.2. Change email address.

4.2.3. Add security pin.

4.3. Preferences

4.3.1. Language options.

4.3.2. Theme changes?

5. How To Guide

5.1. Informational page informing the user how to use and navigate the page(s).

5.2. A video walkthrough talking about the features and general use.

5.3. Brief sections of text with image examples to educate the user.