FL Course Plan

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FL Course Plan by Mind Map: FL Course Plan

1. Regular Course Feedback

1.1. Post Course Google Form Feeback

1.2. Sharing course feedback with PA team

2. Learning Reinforcement

2.1. Give one case study per course for teachers to solve.

2.2. Teachers share their solutions on email

3. DIET Engagement

3.1. DIETs to collect implementation videos of courses from their teachers

3.2. Monthly VC with DIETs to discuss implementation

4. YouTube Live

4.1. Run YouTube Live discussion forums

5. Implementation Best Practices

5.1. Implementation Coordinators to structurally collect evidences of implementation from their districts

5.2. Continue with the post-work pilot

6. Supporting with ideas on Deep Dive in Innovation Districts

6.1. Support PA team with ideas on FL Course implementation in innovation districts

7. Communication and Collateral

7.1. Launch Posters

7.2. Assessment questions in Daily Dashboard

8. Course Design

8.1. Design Courses as per schedule

9. Monitoring and Evaluation

9.1. Conduct Baseline in Innovation Districts

9.2. Execute M&E plan as per calendar