What is homeopathy?

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What is homeopathy? by Mind Map: What is homeopathy?

1. An approach to medicine

2. Developed by Samuel Hahneman in the 18th century

2.1. He was unhappy with treatments at the time

2.1.1. Blood-letting

2.1.2. Blistering (burning the skin)

2.1.3. Feeding patients with dangerous chemicals to cause vomiting

3. A Greek words

3.1. Homoios (similar) + pathos (suffering)

4. How it works?

4.1. Involves prescribing medicines copy the symptoms

4.2. Contrast to conventional or allopathic medicine

4.3. By producing symptoms associated with the illness, the illness will be cures

5. Recipe for homeopathic remedies

5.1. Take one grant of desired herb or plant

5.2. The solution is diluted with more milk until the thirtieth is reached

5.3. Grind up with ninety-nine grains of milk sugar

5.4. Liquid remedies are diluted with water redies

6. Agruments

6.1. Often contain undetectable active ingredients

6.2. Most have rejected homeopathy as a sham treatment

6.3. Supportter only care that it works

6.4. Empirical evidence provide by clinical trials prove homeopathy has a positive results

7. Facts

7.1. In the 19th and 20th century

7.1.1. Was quite popular in the US

7.1.2. Most Americans eventually became biased

7.2. In 2009

7.2.1. Americans spent 870$ millions on homeopathic treatments

7.3. Has become popular again in recent years