Teaching Materials

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Teaching Materials by Mind Map: Teaching Materials

1. How can you leverage digital tools for effective learning?

1.1. Technology Integration Frameworks

1.1.1. SAMR

1.1.2. Triple E

1.1.3. TPaCK

1.1.4. Resources

1.2. Rubric to evaluate tools

2. What type of learning environment do you want to create? How will you implement the promising practices?

2.1. Collaborative

2.2. Flexible

2.3. Accessible

2.4. Inclusive

3. How can you teach your students to be self-directed and self-monitoring?

3.1. Time

3.2. Choice

3.3. Social and Emotional Learning

3.4. Feedback

3.5. Communication

4. What materials do you want to use? How can TTC and/or I support you?