Endocrine PBL case

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Endocrine PBL case by Mind Map: Endocrine PBL case

1. Postpartum

1.1. thyroxine

1.1.1. T4

1.1.2. T3

1.1.3. Where is it produced

1.1.4. How is it produced

1.1.5. What is the mechanism of action How does this effect pregnacy

1.1.6. different conditions hypothyroidism is it caused by pregnancy What happens/ mechanism medicine that was given

2. Contraception

2.1. What are the options

2.1.1. breatfeeding

2.1.2. Will this affect when she can get pregnant

2.2. What is the mechanism of action of contraceptives- hormonal

2.2.1. How does it affect the normal menstrual cycle

2.2.2. how does this impact hormones in the menstrual cycle