Laser Facial Hair Removal Cost in Delhi

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Laser Facial Hair Removal Cost in Delhi by Mind Map: Laser Facial Hair Removal Cost in Delhi

1. Dr. Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Institute provides the best and most advanced laser hair removal treatment and costs in Delhi, for removing facial hairs with optimum safety and delivering long-lasting results. Men can also get rid of their facial hair from the forehead, and the most popular laser treatment among them is beard shaping. The laser treatment is based on a selective thermolysis mechanism, in which the laser light only damages the dark pigment present in the hair follicle. No damage is caused to the hair follicle's surrounding skin. For more details: Contact: +91 9911200050 Email: [email protected] Address: Q-4, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027 Disclaimer: The content and image used in this post are for information purposes only.