Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 by Mind Map: Chapter 6

1. Business intelligence

1.1. tools and technique for analyzing & visualizing past data

1.2. Manager may need use BI for future company planning

1.3. manager can analyze history data and do improvement toward it

1.3.1. to create competitive advantage

1.3.2. can make better decision making

1.3.3. more understand customer needs and able to fulfill their needs

2. Advance Analytics

2.1. tools and technique used to understand why something happened, predicts future outcomes & discover hidden patterns in large data sets

2.2. Often used by business analysts to take decision out of their hands and freeing up valuable resources

3. Database

3.1. data structure that stores organized information

3.2. minimal data redundancy & increase security

3.3. Type of database: Hierarchical databases. Network databases. Object-oriented databases. Relational databases. NoSQL databases.

4. Data warehouse

4.1. integrated data from multiple database and other data sources

4.2. Improve decision making process

4.3. Save time and cost

4.4. All user in the organization is the user for data warehouse

5. Intelligent system

5.1. AI

5.2. IA

5.3. Apple Siri Microsoft cortana

6. Knowledge Management system

6.1. use to manage organization knowledge assets

7. Geographic Information system

7.1. use to manage and analyze spatially reference data to provide spatial decision support