Thinking process

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Thinking process by Mind Map: Thinking process


1.1. On Internet

1.1.1. Wikipedia I used wikipedia for looking for unknown information.

1.1.2. Web sites I also looked for information in other webpages.

1.1.3. Twitter I used twitter in a proffessional way, for asking some doubts to teachers and also to my classmates. I used it to communicate with my classmates.

1.1.4. Other tumblrs I used other tumblrs to complete my information about the day and also to get others ideas about the tasks.

1.1.5. Tuenti I used tuenti to commucate with my classmates and to solve some doubts.

1.1.6. Blogs I used some specific blogs to know more things about the task.

1.1.7. Mindmeister I used it to learn how to do a mind mapping.

1.1.8. Sakai I used sakai for reading some documents and also for knowing what I have to do in each task.

1.1.9. I used it for reading some stories about education.

1.1.10. I used it for reading some stories about education, but in english.

1.2. Powerpoint and documents.

1.2.1. I used them to know basicly about the topic.


2.1. Thinking about how I'm going to include in the tasks.

2.2. Take notes with the main ideas I wanted to include.

2.3. Twitter.

2.3.1. I had to create an account and then use it in a professional way.

2.4. Mindmeister.

2.4.1. I used it for doing my PLEs.

2.5. Flickr.

2.5.1. I had to upload ten photos about me.

2.6. Wordreference and translator.

2.6.1. I used it to look for unknown vocabulary.

2.7. As a group.

2.7.1. We put the information in common together.

2.7.2. We used wordreference and translator.

2.7.3. We did videos and pictures.

2.7.4. We completed the treasure hunt.

2.7.5. We used powerpoint for doing presentations.

2.7.6. We used google docs for one of the tasks.


3.1. Tumblr

3.1.1. I used it for sharing all the tasks.

3.2. Blogger

3.2.1. I used blogger as a group for the treasure hunt.

3.3. Youtube

3.3.1. I used youtube for sharing some videos.

3.4. P2P

3.4.1. I share some tasks with my classmates face to face.

3.5. Flickr

3.5.1. I used it for sharing some photos about me.

3.6. Twitter

3.6.1. I used twitter for sharing some ideas and tweets about education.

3.7. Google Docs.

3.7.1. I used it for sharing information and tasks with my group.