The Universe

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The Universe by Mind Map: The Universe

1. A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and gas in space.

2. These gasses form gas clouds when an amount gas is put together, you can't really see them though

3. The big bang

3.1. first generation stars

3.1.1. second generation stars third generation stars

3.2. stars started to form because of the big bang

3.2.1. Red Giants. Dwarf stars

3.3. Everything is linked to the big bang

4. atoms

4.1. atoms were created after the big bang

4.1.1. because of the big bang quarks and electrons could form

5. gravity

5.1. gravity is made out of quantum particles (gravitons)

6. gas

6.1. helium

6.1.1. hydrogen hydrogen is gaseous under normal circumstances and we speak of hydrogen gas (H2). It's the lightest gas we now.

6.1.2. helium (He) is the second lightest gas we know, with Hydrogen gas at number 1. because of it's low density, it floats in the air and makes your voice 'squeaky'

6.2. gasses are made out of atoms, you can see 2 types of gasses above

7. particles

7.1. Quantum physics say everything is made out of particles.

7.1.1. light is made out of photon particles.

8. Nuclear Fusion

9. Nuclear Fission

10. Nebula