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art by Mind Map: art

1. what is art?

1.1. he is fonctional and aesthetically

1.2. allows us to express our emotions, intellect and ideas

1.3. it is subjective and each people perceives it differently

2. how to recognize

2.1. often tells a story

2.2. can be interpreted differently

3. an artist shares an idea, an emotion, a goal

4. form and content

4.1. different style, techniques, media used

5. forms of arts

5.1. visual

5.1.1. paintings

5.1.2. sculpture

5.1.3. literature

5.1.4. caligraphy

5.1.5. photography

5.1.6. architecture

5.1.7. can be defined as an art form that uses any medium to represent the artist's idea, emotion and imagination

5.2. performing

5.2.1. all froms of dance

5.2.2. music

5.2.3. theater

5.2.4. opera

5.2.5. films