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1. Tuition Fees

1.1. Reports and billing – Easily export financial reports to excel or .csv files

1.2. Tuition fee discount tiers – Handle multiple discount tiers for siblings, staff and scholarships

1.3. Family tracking – Ensure parents are up to date with payments

1.4. Invoicing – Multiple invoice template designs

1.5. Corporate payments – Handle tuition payments for students that have tuitions fees paid companies

2. Parent Comunications

2.1. All delivery methods available – Emails, push notifications and global SMS

2.2. Tailored recipients – Don’t waste communications; drill down to only those who need to receive a particular communication, like those on a school trip

2.3. Travel delays & cancellation notices – Ensure parents are up to date with the latest information affecting their children

2.4. Message center – All messages received by parents are stored in their message center for reference

2.5. Email reporting – Integration with our mail delivery partners allow us to notify you when email addresses are incorrect enabling you to keep your records up to date

2.6. Notify staff – Staff group organizers will automatically receive communications regarding their groups and can tag in other members of staff too

2.7. Mobile apps – Messages will also be received via push notification via our iOS or Android app

3. Parents Teachers Conferences

3.1. Quick setup – Create a group of 50 subjects in under 3 minutes

3.2. Appointments – Set appointment time, length and interval duration. Block out appointments for staff breaks or changeover

3.3. Staff schedules – Staff can view their own schedule of appointments in their SchoolsBuddy diary

3.4. Manual booking – Search for pupils and book appointments manually where required

3.5. Overview – See all free and booked appointments in a single view and print if needed

3.6. Minimize errors – Advanced filtering by subjects, year/grade etc. allows only relevant appointments to be shown

4. SchoolBuddy Core Module

4.1. Flexible event types – Including trips, fixtures, clubs, and practices

4.2. Parent consent – Ask parents for consent and they can reply electronically

4.3. Personalized diary – Events are auto-populated in personalized diary of those involved

4.4. Registers & attendance – Consent automatically populates pupils onto registers

4.5. One-click cancellation – Parents will receive an email and push notification within seconds

4.6. Organize on the move – SchoolsBuddy works on any mobile device with our apps

5. Online Payments

5.1. Upfront payments – Ensures upfront payment in advance (where required, other options available)

5.2. Parent wallet – Credits can be received by the parent wallet to reduce multiple refunds

5.3. Event-based billing – Fees added to a parent account can be paid from their SchoolsBuddy balance

5.4. Childcare vouchers – Voucher credits allow parents to choose to pay for care using their vouchers (UK only)

5.5. Reconciliation – One-click chasing of late payments and real-time balances at any level

5.6. Reporting – Payment reports are clear, customizable, and accurate

5.7. Allow no-charge bookings – Use SchoolsBuddy for free events when bookings are required

5.8. Cap numbers – it is possible to cap numbers to an event to stop overbooking

6. Activities Management Module

6.1. Preference-based – Intelligent allocation system allocates based on preference

6.2. First come first served – Allocation based on order of selection also supported

6.3. Join requests – Allow students to request to join groups mid-term

6.4. Attendance & reporting – Record attendance for activities and track with advanced reporting

6.5. Make changes – Re-submission of selections is possible (optional)

6.6. Cap numbers – Maximum/minimum places per activity

6.7. Flexible – Parents and/or pupils (age dependent) can select and confirm

6.8. Block dates – Generation of club events are skipped for blocked dates

6.9. Pre-select – Option to manually pre-select groups (eg. elite/representative sports teams)

6.10. Copy groups – Set up repeat programs in minutes

7. Bus & Transport System

7.1. Individual travel profiles – Students can record their daily requirements

7.2. Bus monitoring lists – Auto-generated from the system

7.3. Dynamic lists – Adjust to account for attendance at other activities

7.4. Manual changes – For one-off activities or playdates will auto-adjust the daily bus list

7.5. Personalized diary – Will show parents/students their individual bus times

7.6. Extra information – Students attending after school activities will be marked as not attending with associated information

7.7. Absentee alerts – Make sure parents and staff are aware of non-attendance

7.8. Parent billing – Can be included where necessary via our payments module

7.9. Daily PDF download – Guard against network signal failure

7.10. Mobile attendance registers – Allow students to be checked on and off their bus by the bus monitor