Present Continuous

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Present Continuous by Mind Map: Present Continuous

1. Simple present di "to be" +

1.1. I am \ You are \ He-She-It is \ We-You-They are

2. An action is going to happen in the near future

2.1. Get dressed, this evening we are going to a party!

3. An ongoing action is happening right now

3.1. Don't bother me, I'm eating now!

4. + verbo che da il significato alla forma -ing

4.1. Listen -) listening ; Say -) saying ; Joke -) joking

5. Differenze tra Simple Present (azioni abituali) vs Present Continuous (Azione in svolgimento)

5.1. He runs every morning vs He is running today

6. Per le forme interrogative e negative teniamo presente che il verbo "to be" si comporta da ausiliare

6.1. Interrogative: Am I kidding? Are you kidding? Is she kidding? Are we kidding? Are you kidding? Are they kidding?

6.2. Negative: I am not (I'm not) cheating; You aren't cheating; It isn't cheating; We aren't cheating; You aren't cheating; They aren't cheating