The Yahoo fall

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The Yahoo fall by Mind Map: The Yahoo fall

1. OutLine

1.1. Intro

1.1.1. Technology changes fast, and successful companies must leverage smart acquisitions in building for the future.

1.1.2. The executives running Yahoo have a rough track record in reading industry tea leaves. It’s not just about the deals they made, but it’s also the deals they failed to make

1.2. Body

1.2.1. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES Google's Deal Skipped out on buying it for $1 million in 1998 Google guys had already decided to up their price to a heftier $3 billion Facebook Yahoo offered to buy Facebook for $1 billion, but Zuckerberg declined Microsoft Yahoo also turned down a hostile takeover from Microsoft in 2008 for $44.6 billion that valued the company for far more than it is worth today

1.2.2. DEALS THAT BOMBED Geocities $4.58 billion deal It was shuttered in 2009 after failing to deliver any value to Yahoo shareholders $5.7 billion deal Tumblr $1.1 billion in 2013

1.3. Cons