Relative clauses

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Relative clauses by Mind Map: Relative clauses

1. Defining relative clauses

1.1. La frase relativa è fondamentale per il significato della frase

1.1.1. The poem that you read is Shakespeare's

2. Non-defining relative clauses

2.1. La frase relativa non è fondamentale per il significato della frase

2.1.1. Shakespeare, who is the greatest poet of English literature, was born in 1564

2.2. Non-defining relative clauses NEVER use THAT

2.3. Sometimes we use WHOM, instead of who, when we are referring to an object

2.3.1. Nick Lane, whom I met during the conference, is Canadian

2.4. Non-defining relative clauses stay between commas

2.4.1. My new laptop, which is very fast, was a present

2.5. Molto comune è l'utilizzo di WHO, ma possiamo utilizzare WHICH, WHOSE (possession), WHERE (place) and WHEN (time)

2.5.1. WHICH is used to comment on a whole sentence I run three times a week, which is a healthy habit