Personal Narrative Unit

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Personal Narrative Unit by Mind Map: Personal Narrative Unit

1. Big Question: What Makes Us Who We Are?

1.1. Journals

1.1.1. Which parent do I take after, and how?

1.1.2. What would be different about me if I had never met my best friend?

1.1.3. Do we have control over our emotions?

1.1.4. Which characteristics about me would never change, no matter what my circumstances?

2. Group Project

2.1. Identity Poems

2.2. Self Image Collage - share

2.2.1. Discussion: Analysis and Synthesis

2.3. Group Discussion: "Who we are is based on..."

2.4. Group answer to Big Question

2.5. Poster

3. Personal Narrative

3.1. Brainstorm

3.2. Outline

3.3. Rough Draft

3.4. Peer Edit

3.5. Second Draft

3.6. Final Edit

3.7. Final Draft

4. Writing Concepts

4.1. Informal vs Formal Writing

4.1.1. Use of "I"

4.1.2. Use of Contractions

4.1.3. Use of Colloquialisms

4.2. Editing Skills

4.2.1. Doing a good peer edit

4.2.2. Doing a good personal edit

4.3. Concrete vs Fuzzy Detail

5. Discussions

5.1. Role of Parents?

5.2. Role of Peers?

5.2.1. Do you choose your friends based on who you are, or do you change who you are based on your friends?

5.3. What do you make of yourself?

5.4. Are you only one person?

5.4.1. Are you a different person when you are around your parents than when you are with your friends? What about when you are alone?