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Korean Food by Mind Map: Korean Food

1. love of my life

1.1. introduced to Korean food in 2008

1.2. Stone pot, cold, and barbecued food

2. stone pot

2.1. Jen Lee says that bibimbap is cooked with spinach, carrots, rice, bean sprouts, egg, red bean pepper paste, mushrooms, and lettuce.

2.2. Koo-chun sur says that this meal is a balance of different tastes to create a harmony.

2.2.1. Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

2.3. Also famous for their cold food

3. cold food

3.1. Buckwheat noodles were used when rice couldn't be made due to the harsh winters (chusunilbo)

3.1.1. Naengmyeon is a chilled beef broth with buckwheat noodles topped with fresh vegetables, red bean paste, a boiled egg, and sometimes the broth will have ice in it

3.2. side dishes (banchan)

3.2.1. differs depending on what you want kimchi (fermented cabbage), vermicelli noodles, steamed egg, and rice. (

3.2.2. main meals come with 3, 5 and even up to 12 side dishes

3.2.3. can be used just by itself with rice, without meat.

4. Korean barbecue

4.1. you get raw meat and grill right in front of you.

4.1.1. Grilled meat: beef, pork, octopus, intestines Have had intestines before--had to hide them.

4.2. Can get bibimbap, naengmyeon, and of course banchan served with your barbecue

5. Conclusion

5.1. All these different food options come with vegetarian options

5.2. Korea's obesity rate is about half it is as the United states. Korea's-3.5% U.S.-34.4%

5.2.1. A lot of grilling, fermenting, and stir-frying.