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Capitol Hill Mob by Mind Map: Capitol Hill Mob

1. Black Lives Matter Movement

1.1. People comparing police’s reaction to both protests — much harsher treatment towards black protestors than white protestors Police response to Capitol mob is in striking contrast to protests after George Floyd killing.

2. Facebook groups used to organise protest

2.1. Should social media be responsible for ensuring their platform isn’t used wrongly (e.g. for violence)?

3. Trump supporters protested as they want him to win election

3.1. They believe that there was election fraud (as Trump keeps saying), hence they are protesting to show their support for Trump in the Georgia elections

4. Citizens lack of trust in government

4.1. Because they are unsatisfied with current situation, and they feel the gov is not effective

5. Compared to in Singapore

5.1. Citizens won’t dare to protest, as it is illegal...

5.2. SG’s culture is to not voice out anti-government opinions - unlike in America

5.3. Does this mean Singaporeans also have more trust in government??

5.3.1. Might be true, as Singapore is not partisan, so we are more united??