Ambassador Program

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Ambassador Program by Mind Map: Ambassador Program

1. Web design

1.1. Internet promotion

1.1.1. Google Adwords

1.1.2. Placing banner ads on other sites

1.2. Filling with unique content

1.2.1. once per week and more

2. Off-line

2.1. Tell a friend

2.1.1. By phone

2.1.2. In social networks three times a week

2.2. Business cards with link to the site

2.3. Posting ads at the universities

2.3.1. once every two week

2.4. Advertising in the poker clubs

2.4.1. once a week

2.5. Flyers distribution

2.5.1. In trade centers once every two week

2.5.2. On the subway stations once a week

2.5.3. Outdoors two times a week

2.6. Advertising in the sport bars

2.6.1. during popular matches, at least once per week

3. In prospect

3.1. Reservation on the billboards

3.2. Car stickers

3.3. Pavement advertise with paint

3.4. Creation of thematic sites chain

4. Work with major partners

4.1. Send a request to advertise on the mailing list of major partners

4.2. Attraction of experienced partners and using of their mailing