week 1 session

GCSE PE circuit training session (PEP)

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week 1 session by Mind Map: week 1 session

1. Warm up (15 mins approx.)


1.1.1. running on the spot, star jumps, jumping on the spot in parallel, first and second position, running again


1.2.1. joint mobilization moving neck, shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles around.

1.2.2. light dynamic stretches windmill arms, cross body arms whilst walking, reaches side to side, leg kicks, lunges.

1.2.3. medium stationary stretches lunges, calf stretch, cobra, runners stretch on the ground, pike, splits

2. circuits

2.1. CIRCUIT (30s on, 15s rest)

2.1.1. squats, lunges, mountain climbers, plank, rises, squat hold+pulse

2.1.2. repeat 2x

3. cool down 5 mins

3.1. pike fold, quad stretch, cobra, straddle