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Chris by Mind Map: Chris

1. “But Chris? Chris says, ‘Yes, sir, I’d like to think I do’” (Thomas 428).

1.1. his shows that he can joke with his dad in a way while also agreeing with him. It makes it so that he can show Starr’s dad that he has a sense of humor.

2. Maya sits beside me on the lounger. Chris squeezes his big butt between us, pushing both of us aside a little” (Thomas 357).

2.1. He shows that he’s funny and trying to break the tension of the scene. It makes it a good break for Starr so that she feels more comfortable.

3. “He bites his bottom lip and shrugs. I laugh. He does too” (Thomas 162).

3.1. Chris can make Starr and himself laugh during a conversation as if to show that they are both comfortable in each others preseance.

4. “‘I’m coming too.’ Chris says. I let my seat forward and he climbs in the back” (Thomas 379).

4.1. Even though he doesn’t know what to expect or what is gonna happen he wants to support Starr and her family.

5. “Daddy comes in and slams the door behind him. He zeros straight in on our joined hands. Chris doesn’t let go. Point for my boyfriend” (Thomas 232).

5.1. He continues to hold Starr’s hand even though her dad isn’t happy with the two of them dating. Yet he still holds her hand because he wants to be with her through thick or thin.

6. “‘And I wanted to do this song, our song, to show you how much I love you and care about you, Fresh Princess’” (Thomas 304).

6.1. This shows that no matter the hard times they have been through Chris will always be there for her.

7. “This nice mix Chris made of Kanye and my other future husband J. Cole plays from Seven’s iPod dock.” (Thomas 87).

7.1. He made a mix for Starr that involved musicians she liked which helps us see that Chris listens to Starr and knows what she likes.

8. ‘No!’ His hands go up in surrender. ‘Starr, you know I wouldn’t- that’s not-I’m sorry okay? I took it too far.’” (Thomas 80).

8.1. and be able to apologize for it instead of pushing the blame on Starr or ignoring it until it “goes away”

9. “‘Maybe you can help me understand? I don’t know. But I do know that not having you in my life is worse than not making beats or playing basketball.’” (Thomas 162).

9.1. He wants to be able to understand everything Starr goes through and want to know as much as he can. He also wants Starr to be in his life.

10. Respect

11. Love

12. Funny

13. Bravery