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Fortive by Mind Map: Fortive

1. Sample ideas

1.1. Idea 1

1.1.1. Link to PSL Brief

1.1.2. Competitive (early stage) companies

1.2. Air BnB

1.3. Link to PSL Project log

2. ASP

2.1. Example companies - Steris (acquired Cantel), Getinge, Olympus (Endoscopy, Urology).

2.2. Overall trends

2.2.1. Society - Cost pressure on hospitals has driven focus to minimizing total cost of ownership. Customers demand best clinical outcomes with lowest TCO---> Focus moving from clinical to TCO

2.2.2. Technology - Data and workflow management can create advantages for customers + manufacturers ( Utilization, predictive failure, lower operating cost, superior service). Creating smarter SPD and ORs that have automation to reduce staff operations. Example: Partner with Censis to create connected device strategies to increase customer intimacy + service levels

2.2.3. Regulatory - Increasing standard of care and patient safety in light of COVID.

2.2.4. Key supporting data Posts Research reports Databits and stats

2.3. Business

2.3.1. Customer Metrics Clinical superiority, Lowest TCO [ Total cost of ownership]

2.3.2. Business Metrics - Expanding install base, prevent churn, reduce operating costs (in the areas of manufacturing, service)

2.3.3. Leader : Dominic Ivankovich Product : Archie Quan Sales : Christopher Brooks, Nilesh Shah

2.3.4. Core/lead product Terminal Sterilization: Sterrad ASP Products

2.3.5. Core customers State, local, and education (SLED) government agencies Higher Education Healthcare Federal facilities

3. Censis

3.1. Companies

4. Gordian

4.1. Example companies - BuilderTrend, BuildTool, ProCore

4.2. Leading provider of facility and construction cost data, software and services for all phases of the building lifecycle (construction planning, building and operation/ maintenance ) for public and institutional facilities.

4.3. Overall trends

4.3.1. Society - COVID has driven construction volumes down since decision making has slowed, budgets are being reviewed/ reallocated and capital spend being frozen. WFH trend. In Higher-ed, remote learning + uncertainity about in-person attendance, enrollment etc creating budget pressures.

4.3.2. Technology - Workflow guidance and automation (AI powered), delivering end-to-end solution (aggregated workflow), utilizing data, insight and expertise to drive decisions and outcomes

4.3.3. Regulatory - Facilities construction in general is subject to various fed, state and county regulations making it a complex space to navigate.

4.3.4. Key supporting data Posts Research reports Databits and stats

4.4. Business

4.4.1. Metrics and Focus - GTM scaling and verticalization, building comprehensive adjacencies (hc data to aid in facility management), new product dev (ideas : AI assisted capital planning, 5D BIM, VR for planning, estimation and procurement).

4.4.2. Leader : William L Pollak Product/ GM Fed Sales : Noam Reininger VP Tech : Mike George Hollingsworth VP Product : Ted Kail VP Sales : Lisa J Cooley VP Innovation : Diwakar R Govindugari (Ray Diwakar) GM Enterprise Business Group : Mark Schiff VP/GM : Higher Ed : Matthew Bausher VP/GM : SLED : Daniel O Cook VP , Gov't and Reg Affairs : Thomas J DiGangi

4.4.3. Core/lead product

4.4.4. Verticals SLED - state, local, and education (SLED) government agencies High Ed Healthcare Federal

5. Industrial Scientific

5.1. Example Companies: GDS Corp, Gasmet Technologies Limited, ScottSafety (3M)

5.2. A leading global provider of portable gas detectors and gas detection as a service to reduce hazards and operational risks for enterprises.

5.3. Overall Trends

5.3.1. Society - Managing mobile-workers eg Monitoring location, state and environment of at-risk workers. COVID-19 could be a use case. Increasing safety culture across verticals.

5.3.2. Technology : 1. Aggregation of workflows - monitor, collect data, drive workflow changes, perform to standards, deliver real time insights to build/buy and operate safety systems 2. Real time risk management by connecting workers, connected assets and predictive analytics (from sensing data).

5.3.3. Regulatory - Areas include environmental compliance, chemical and product compliance, people safety, process safety, worker health. WHile not rapidly changing, these areas continue to remain complex to navigate.

5.4. Business

5.4.1. Strategic Metrics Connected products for operational risk management Asset information to power predictive analytics for ORM + hazard reduction.

5.4.2. Leader : Justin McElhattan Product : Mike Hicks SVP/GM : Fred Marker Burke Sales : Marc H Osgoodby

5.4.3. Core Products and Services Products : Gas Detectors Gas Detectors & Gas Detection Technology | Industrial Scientific Services : Gas Detection Management System & Safety Solutions | Industrial Scientific

5.4.4. Verticals Oil and Gas Chemicals Utilities Metals Mining Paper & Pulp Automotive

6. Intelex