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SAMMS by Mind Map: SAMMS

1. Situated practice (Izzy):

1.1. VITAD

1.1.1. Video - When situated online, it's easier to edit, add effects, and publish for all to see. Which can then be uploaded for others to see

1.1.2. Text - when shared among devices through Google docs it's easier to give feedback to peers.

1.1.3. Audio - Listen anywhere at anytime Download music to listen offline Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple music In music apps you can also listen to podcasts

1.1.4. Data - digital organisation tools can be anywhere you are with a digital device, to organise data, make it easy to access and share with others. They are automatically uploaded/updated and can be accessed in real time.

1.2. Can be synced multiple devices through bluetooth

1.2.1. No limitations to the amount of devices

1.3. ICloud/Google drive

1.3.1. Anywhere at anytime with an internet connection on any screen and any space, place that is convenient for them.

1.3.2. Easy access

1.3.3. Effective/Efficient

1.3.4. All changes are made in real time and are constantly updated

1.4. great environment for students to work collaboratively or cooperatively.

1.5. Sync Computers to phones through email and access all your data through different devices. Which would never be possible without technology

2. Accessibility (Nila)

2.1. Provides access to technology to our society today in different medias

2.2. accessible technology

2.2.1. directly accessible e.g. a mobile smartphone with a built-in screen reader

2.2.2. additional assistive technology e.g. a website that can be navigated effectively by people using a screen reader, can be adjusted if there are any impairments.

2.2.3. how can accessible technology help in the business world? - improved recruitment and employee retention - enhanced productivity - operational cost reductions - improved corporate image - reduced legal costs

2.3. VITAD

2.3.1. video adding closed captions or other different settings to enhance the video experience can be accessed on platforms like youtube, vimeo, for free using the internet.

2.3.2. audio using audio players, audiobooks, music

2.3.3. text is accessible on any platform

2.3.4. data spreadsheets, other statistics that can be freely accessed on free softwares, such as google docs, excel, numbers,

2.3.5. image the most effective visual tool which anyone can use

3. Multimodality (Cion)

3.1. multimodel=

3.1.1. =using a variety of modes or methods to do something.

3.1.2. not just text, but leveraging other modes of media in conjunction with text =transforming the ways we consume and create with text

3.2. text

3.2.1. leveraging other modes of media in conjunction with text is transforming the ways we consume and create with text

3.2.2. image - learning material changing or being added with text e-books web-based learning videos related to content audios related to content

3.2.3. audio - listening to the text instead of reading podcasts book reading services hear how to write sounds

3.2.4. video - newspapers videos with it replaced to screens can have pictures

3.3. caution!

3.3.1. using image should be used for... communicating adding meanings illustrate should not be for... decorating

4. Mutability (Ivy)

4.1. Video

4.1.1. It used to be whatever is captured on camera.

4.1.2. Now with technology we can edit out videos! Delete unnecessary parts Adding music & sound effects to videos Adding titles & text Using filters to create atmosphere Adding transitions combining two are more clips together ....

4.2. Image

4.2.1. Images can be refined and edited with the help of technologies like Photoshop Lightroom or even just the "Photo" app on phones

4.2.2. Adjustments Brightness Saturation Contrast Highlights Shadows Fade

4.2.3. Images of on textbooks/websites can be easily changed if inappropriate or if better images are found

4.3. Text

4.3.1. Fonts and sizes can be changed easily!!!

4.3.2. Make MEANING Teachers can modify a student's work easily in the shared document annotate/comment give feedback revise and change text

4.4. Audio

4.4.1. Like images and videos, it could be easily modified and recreated to make meaning eg. Podcast

4.4.2. Create music (Garageband)

4.4.3. Add soundeffects

4.4.4. cut/incorporate/combine clips

4.5. Data

4.5.1. Technology makes adding, deleting and working with data really easy

4.5.2. Spreadsheets! perform calculations make tables organize data make meaning out of data

4.6. With the development of technology, we are able to alter, revise and correct information that is available online with ease.

5. Social Networking (Yeji)

5.1. VITAD

5.1.1. VIDEO

5.1.2. IMAGE

5.1.3. TEXT

5.1.4. AUDIO

5.1.5. DATA