Laura Fielding

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Laura Fielding by Mind Map: Laura Fielding

1. Assessment

1.1. Risk factors

1.2. Etiology

1.3. Pathophysiology

1.4. Clinical Manifestations

1.4.1. Flu-like Symptoms ​

1.4.2. Increasing fatigue, thirst, and nausea over the last 24 hours​

1.4.3. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) ​

1.5. Client Information

2. Diagnosis

3. Evaluation

4. Implementation

4.1. Monitoring

4.2. Drug Therapy

4.3. Health Teaching

4.3.1. Cognitive Educate the client when she should check the blood sugar​ Educate the patient about the importance of taking medication on time as prescribed Educate Laura about the side effects, precautions. ​ Teach the client about the importance of footcare. ​ Explain to the client the importance of balance exercising program with safety protection ​

4.3.2. Affective Teach Laura how to accept diabates and think more positive​

4.3.3. Psychomotor Work with the dieticians to teach Laura how to plan meals ​ Demonstrate to Laura how to self-administer insulin pen. ​ Teach Laura how to take care of her feet​