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Maria by Mind Map: Maria

1. Living in a comunity where take care about injustices

2. Feeling confortable with myself

3. Seeing results of my actions, changing lives

4. Love

4.1. make people happy

4.2. Make the difference

4.3. Doing right actions

4.4. children

4.5. puppies

5. P/S

5.1. I don't kwnow where I can help

5.2. I don't know if that will help

5.3. I can teach you to help

5.4. there too many orphans in the streets

5.5. poverty

5.6. jail

6. Hate

6.1. corruption

6.2. impunity

6.3. injustice

6.4. parents who abandoned Childs

6.5. poverty

6.6. homeless

7. Stories

7.1. Acchivements

7.2. The first time Create Purpose went to an orphanage

7.3. When Emmanuel used what he learned in the garden on his test

7.4. When Jesus gave a walking tour of the garden

8. Look Good

9. i am

9.1. Good person

9.1.1. Children supporter kind person The real change