Soil and Water Conservation in the CNMI

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Soil and Water Conservation in the CNMI by Mind Map: Soil and Water Conservation in the CNMI

1. Benefits for the Water

1.1. Reduces runoff into the ocean.

1.2. Prevention of erosion and sedimentation in the ocean = better coral reef health, increase in population of fish and habitat.

1.3. Improved groundwater quality.

2. Benefits for the Soil

2.1. Improve soil health which will benefit crop production and germination of seeds.

2.2. Reduced soil erosion with use of conservation practices.

2.3. Reduce use of heavy machinery for soil tilling.

2.4. Increased water infiltration rate.

3. Conservation Practices

3.1. Crop Rotation

3.1.1. Uses of crop rotation can better control the pests, weeds and insects. At the same time, it increases soil health and the soil quality.

3.2. Contour Farming

3.2.1. Contour farming is a great way to plant on sloping areas and it is efficient as it is utilizing every piece of the land.

3.3. Cover Crops

3.3.1. Cover crops is a great way to improve the organic matter in the soil, introduce nitrogen into the soil, reduces soil erosion.

3.4. Contour Buffer Strips

3.4.1. Buffer strips is a good way to reduces runoff and erosion, it can be alternated with crops.

4. Community Needs

4.1. Need for improving efforts to conserve water and soil resources in the CNMI.

4.2. Increase awareness of ways and practices of soil and water conservation.

4.3. With community engagement, outreach will increase demand for providing guidance on implementing soil and water conservation practices in farms, etc.