Social media using

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Social media using by Mind Map: Social media using

1. age ranges

1.1. People of all ages uses social media

1.2. The purpose of using social media varies according to age

1.3. Time spent varies according to age

2. education levels

2.1. People of all education levels use social media

2.2. the purpose of use also changes

3. most preferred social media apps

3.1. instagram

3.2. whatsapp

3.3. youtube

4. time spent on social media

4.1. people spend too much time

4.2. 3 out of 4 people surveyed spend at least two hours a day

5. reliability

5.1. almost all of people don't trust social medias

5.2. they still keep using social media

6. addiction

6.1. most of people are aware that they are addicted

6.2. there are people think that they are not addicted

7. purposes

7.1. in terms of age

7.2. in terms of education levels

7.3. in terms of gender

7.4. in terms of job

7.5. in terms of following news

7.6. in terms of having fun

7.7. in terms of learning something