Innovation, Development and Sustainability; How it is changing the World

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Innovation, Development and Sustainability; How it is changing the World by Mind Map: Innovation, Development and Sustainability; How it is changing the World

1. Kondratiev Wave Theory

1.1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution

1.1.1. Society 5.0 Japan has a concept of a super smart society in which it blurs the lines between Cyberspace and Pysical space

1.2. Riding the Fourth wave

1.2.1. The third wave has brought us major advancements robotics, alternative energy sources and automated production lines

1.2.2. The fourth wave is speculated to bring a cyber-physical system in which the lines between physical space and cyberspace becomes blurred, it is bringing the digitization of matter via 3D printers and the ability to wear more and more technology, e.g. smart watches, smart glasses and VR headsets

2. Creativity and Production

2.1. Self interest ideas

2.1.1. Ideas set in passions of a personal nature and how they can innovate the passion to provide either a faster or more efficient outcome

2.2. Group lead ideas

2.2.1. An Idea developed and fleshed out during a group innovation to aid in the production or advancement of a combined interest or work

3. Development and sustainability

3.1. Social Influences

3.1.1. The Influence of others in the decisions we make on a daily basis, whether they be work based or personal based

3.1.2. Conforming to social norms to be provide a higher approval rating, this is a large aspect in construction companies when it comes to sustainability and social standing

3.1.3. The development of a person or companies social standing by apply and conforming to social normality's and approved methods

3.2. Sustainability in Construction

3.2.1. Sustainability has been a large topic of discussion for a large period of time, the affects of large scale developments and manufacture have affected the sector hugely In the last 20-30 years a lot of manufacturers and construction companies have agreed to rules and regulations to guide their was into a more sustainable development method Methods of self sustaining construction have been prevalent in the last 10 years such as FSC Timber and recycled Steel