Web 2.0 Tools & Project/Inquiry Based Learning

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Web 2.0 Tools & Project/Inquiry Based Learning by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools & Project/Inquiry Based Learning

1. ENGAGE (students ask questions, reflect on what they already know or want to know)

1.1. PADLET - online common page or notice board to collaborate and share content and ideas

1.2. mentimeter

1.3. flipgrid

1.4. seesaw

1.5. voicethread

1.6. Dotstorming

1.7. scrumblr

1.8. Mind Mapping

1.8.1. MindMup

1.8.2. Bubbl.us

1.8.3. Mindomo

1.8.4. Popplet

1.8.5. GitMind

1.8.6. MidMeister

2. EXPLORE (students independently or collaboratively learn something new - unpack new information, develop models, gather data)

2.1. GIZMOS - online interactive science simulations

2.2. SCREENCASTIFY - online screen recorder to record, share, and edit videos


2.4. SYMBALOO - visual bookmaring tool or desktop to organize online web resources

2.5. ONLINE TEXTBOOK ACCESS - online digital equivalent of a physical textbook

2.6. NEARPOD PRESENTATION and ZOOM - online interactive presentations while video conferencing

2.7. Google Apps for Education -creating, editing, and sharing information online and in real time

2.7.1. WEBQUEST using GOOGLE DOCS -online inquiry oriented activity

2.8. Social Media platforms...Twitter

2.9. flipped classrooms

3. EVALUATE (students informally or formally reflect or assess what they learned - games, entrance/exit cards, quizzes, tests, projects)

3.1. QUIZLET can be played LIVE - online study application through learning tools and games

3.2. KAHOOT - online game based learning platform using multiple choice answer quizzes

3.3. CANVAS QUIZ - creating and administer online assignments that assess student comprebension of material or provide a platfrom for feedback and/or reflection

3.4. Google Apps for Education - creating, editing, an sharing information online and in real time

3.4.1. GOOGLE FORMS QUIZ - automatic grading tool assessing student understanding and allowing for immediate feedback

4. EXPLAIN and ELABORATE (students independently or collaboratively explain what they learned and practice or extend their knowledge by applying what they learned to something else - showing question answered, problem solved, or providing evidence supporting a claim)

4.1. PIKTOCHART - creating online infographics, presentation slide, reports, flyers, posters, brochures, etc.

4.2. POWTOON - creating animated online presentations and explainer videos

4.3. BOOK CREATOR - making digital books online

4.4. Google Apps for Education - creating, editing, and sharing information online and in real time


4.5. Prezi

4.6. One Note

4.7. Edublogs

4.8. Weebly

4.9. Twiddla

4.10. Office 365 Online

4.11. Animoto