Mind Map on the Types of Research

Mind Map on Research Concepts

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Mind Map on the Types of Research by Mind Map: Mind Map on the Types of Research

1. Qualitative vs. Quantitative

1.1. Qualitative

1.1.1. It observes human behavior and uses observations and interviews towards people's actions and reactions.

1.2. Quantitative

1.2.1. It focuses on measuring statistics and using mathematics and fixed data

2. According to Application

2.1. Pure

2.1.1. Also known as Basic research, t aims to discover new knowledge around about a certain topic. This research is theoretical in nature and it is known to take longer to find exact results.

2.2. Applied

2.2.1. It is quick in answering a research's problem. It only aims to focus on the topic's hypothesis or problem and get its' immediate answers.

3. According to Purpose

3.1. Descriptive

3.1.1. It dives deeper on a variable's description

3.2. Correlational

3.2.1. An unexperimented research style that focuses on the connections and relationships with variables.

3.3. Exploratory

3.3.1. The main goal of this research type is to gain more knowledge and explore society.

3.4. Explanatory

3.4.1. It explains statistics and measurements of data

3.4.2. It is more scientific.

3.5. Experimental

3.5.1. Usually finds the cause & effects of data and variables

3.5.2. Conducts plenty of experiments and hypothesis' to gain results

3.6. Action-based

3.6.1. The basics actions when conducting researches (planning, acting, observing, reflecting, etc.)