Pritchard's Ideas About Knowledge

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Pritchard's Ideas About Knowledge by Mind Map: Pritchard's Ideas About Knowledge

1. Types of Knowledge

1.1. Dierdre D, Nathan, Brenda and Kendall mention categories/types of knowledge

1.2. Propositional

1.3. Ability

2. Requirements of Knowledge

2.1. Truth

2.1.1. Dierdre G mentions the importance of knowledge needing to be true

2.2. Belief

3. Values of Knowledge

3.1. Nathan questions value of knowledge over other intellectual skills

3.2. Instrumental Value

3.3. Non-Instrumental Value

4. Definition of Knowledge

4.1. Criteria Difficulties to Define

4.1.1. Almost everyone mentioned agreeing with no clearcut consensus towards a definition of knowledge

4.2. Classic Tripartite Definition

4.2.1. Adrian mentions knowledge as including justified beliefs, this links to the Classic definition