Phrasal Verbs González Hernández Abigail 2° IV

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Phrasal Verbs González Hernández Abigail 2° IV by Mind Map: Phrasal Verbs González Hernández Abigail 2° IV

1. I have been trying all day to get in touch with my sister, but her phone is always busy.

2. Please, shut up

3. We’re going to the gym to work out

4. Stand by me

5. Weather gets in the way of the game.

6. I am getting along very well in my new job.

7. How are you getting along with your new job?

8. I always try to get away from that kind of friends.

9. He made a mistake and thought, he could get away with it

10. They try to get away with it, but someday, they will suffer the consequences.

11. She is going to get back from her trip on Friday.

12. My cousin got behind in her new job and she had to drop of it

13. My aunt has been sick since last week, but now she is getting better

14. My uncle has been sick for a couple of weeks, and he is getting worse.

15. She wants to get even with my friend, he was going to marry her, but he got cold feet.

16. She gets in her new car to work every day

17. They are trying to help me, but they are just getting in my way.

18. We got lost walking in the forest

19. I told her to get lost, because she was bothering me

20. I will never get over the death of my son