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ADDIE Model by Mind Map: ADDIE Model

1. 1. Analyze

1.1. Phase Description

1.1.1. This is the first and most important step when creating any course/material. In this phase you identify the purpose of the course/material; i.e what gap/issue are you addressing? In this phase you create the course/training plan that addresses the: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

1.2. Action Steps

1.2.1. Identify the needs (purpose) of the online course - Course Goal & Objectives

1.2.2. Identify the learners characteristics

1.2.3. Course type and Delivery: MOOC, Short Course, Micro Course, Diploma ...etc

1.2.4. Course duration and recurrence

1.2.5. Decide on the technology that will be used

2. 2. Design

2.1. Phase Description

2.1.1. In this phase you should take all the parameters gathered from the "Analyze" phase and create the blueprint of the course (more detailed plan)

2.2. Action Steps

2.2.1. Course Structure and sequence

2.2.2. Identify each segment of the course. readings, videos, assessment, activities.. each segment should address the objectives

2.2.3. testing the prototype

2.2.4. Evaluating course costs and efforts

3. 5. Evaluate

3.1. Phase Description

3.1.1. Although this phase is listed at the end of ADDIE Model, but it should be used throughout the project. This where you stop and reflect on the course objectives and if every thing is happening according to the plan that was created in the "Design" phase.

3.2. Action Steps

3.2.1. Analyze the data gathered from the assessments throughout the course

3.2.2. Analyze M&E surveys

3.2.3. Focus groups to reflect on what wen well and what needs improvement

3.2.4. Return to the beginning of ADDIE Model to improve the course based on the feedback and redesign the course accordingly

4. 3. Develop

4.1. Phase Description

4.1.1. In this phase you create the course content based on the segments identified in the "Design" phase. This is where your course is live and published on the LMS.

4.2. Action Steps

4.2.1. Content Creation SMEs to write the video scripts SMEs to choose the readings or write them Formative/summative assessment Activity Design Group Work Discussion Individual activity

4.2.2. Content Digitization Video Shooting / Editing Material Design Graphics needed

4.2.3. Designing Content on the LMS

4.2.4. Live course testing and Evaluation

5. 4. Implement

5.1. Phase Description

5.1.1. This is where the course is launched and live. Learner can now start the course and submit their assignments.

5.2. Action Steps

5.2.1. Train the facilitators on the technology & how to facilitate the course

5.2.2. Start the course with a pilot group

5.2.3. gather feedback while the course is running by sending M&E surveys to the pilot group