Preparing For College and Careers

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Preparing For College and Careers by Mind Map: Preparing For College and Careers

1. Exploring College

1.1. Learning about all of the post-secondary education options.

1.1.1. Resources to explore post-secondary options

1.2. How to pay for post-secondary education

1.2.1. Scholarships

1.2.2. Grants

1.3. What majors interest you?

2. Exploring Careers

2.1. Roles and functions of a chosen career

2.2. Career Trends and Opportunities

2.3. Evaluate a chosen career based on education requirement's and work conditions

3. Making Plans

3.1. High School Graduation Plan

3.1.1. Core 40, Diplomas, Required Classes

3.2. How to decide which path is right for you

3.3. Design a career plan


4. Making Decisions

4.1. Pros and Cons

4.2. Short term and long term effects

5. Skills

5.1. Personal Skills

5.1.1. Flexibility and Adaptability

5.1.2. Self-Direction

5.1.3. Social Skills

5.1.4. Productivity and Accountability

5.1.5. Leadership and Responsibility

5.2. Employability Skills

5.2.1. Networking 10 Reasons Why Networking Is Essential For Your Career

5.2.2. Interviews Personal Appearance Etiquette

5.3. Personal and Career Portfolios