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commas by Mind Map: commas

1. A list of 3 or more items

1.1. put a comma between each item

2. quotations

2.1. Put a comma before the thing they said

2.1.1. She said, "it is a lot of fun."

2.2. Put a comma after the thing they said

2.2.1. "It is a lot of fun," she said.

3. between 2 independent clauses

3.1. Coordinating conjunctions

3.1.1. FANBOYS for and nor but or yet so

3.2. Put the comma before the coordinating conjunction

4. Dependent clause +independent

4.1. When the dependent clause is first

4.1.1. Dependent clauses start with words like unless, if, when, whether, while

4.2. Put the comma after the dependent clause

5. When giving extra information

5.1. the comma comes after the noun you are talking about