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SuperNova Wedding Design & Flowers by Mind Map: SuperNova Wedding Design & Flowers

1. Address: Century Business Park, 1, 126 Cornwall St S Glasgow G41 1AF United Kingdom Phone: 0845 269 2189 Website: Since launching over twelve years ago, SuperNova Wedding Design & Flowers has certainly captured the creativity of brides and wedding industry professionals alike. Designing & creating beautiful, style-focused weddings all throughout Scotland. We create exquisite floral arrangements designed with luxury wedding decor hire to fulfill countless clients, turning their goals into reality. Started by Emma & Ruth, who both previously worked in fashion and marketing events, SuperNova has gained multiple awards including ‘Florist of the Year’, ‘Best Event Decor Scotland’, ‘Best Wedding Designer Scotland’ as well as both winning and being shortlisted for the prestige 'Vow Awards' several times.