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1. WEEK 7

1.1. Mail in a video

1.1.1. video of reading an email to a friend or acquaintance to say that we will be able to visit you soon Ver Video

2. WEEK 8 & 9

2.1. The house of my dreams

2.1.1. writing practice that evolved to a confirmed reading with a video Ver Video

3. WEEK 1

3.1. Verb To Be

3.1.1. El significado en español del verbo to be es «ser» o «estar» Verb To Be + Complement I Am Happy

3.2. Simple Precent

3.2.1. Para conjugar el presente simple usamos el infinitivo para los sujetos “I”, “you”, “we” y “they” y para las terceras personas “he”, “she” y “it”, añadimos una “-s” al final del verbo. Sujeto | Conjugación I, you, we, they | talk, eat, learn, do, go… he, she, it | talks, eats, learns, does, goes… I talk.(Yo hablo.) He eats.(Él come.) They learn.(Ellos aprenden.)

4. WEWK 2


4.1.1. for this week we were entrusted to develop a video about common mistakes in the present simple Ver Video

5. WEEK 3

5.1. What . . . Like?

5.1.1. What am Like? For this topic we made a frame with words that describe us with a photo of us in the center

5.1.2. what´s He/She like? a cardboard puppet of a person important to us was made with words that described the person on the puppet

6. WEEK 4 & 5

6.1. For these three topics we are asked to prepare 3 infographics for each one

6.1.1. Verbs of intencity

6.1.2. What look like? Ver Precentacion

6.1.3. Quantifiser whit verbs

7. WEEK 10 & 11

7.1. Managing Stress

7.1.1. Writing practice on how we handle stress during this contingency period

8. WEEK 6

8.1. what’s the weather like in . . .?

8.1.1. for this week we made a video in pairs to practice vocabulary about the weather Ver El video

9. WEEK 12 & 13

9.1. for the last topics we made infographics that explained the topic

9.1.1. Gerund VS Infinitive Ver Infografía

9.1.2. Verbs + Gerund Ver Infografía

9.1.3. Versb VS Infinitive Ver Infografía