Crimes of the Mathmatics Professor

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Crimes of the Mathmatics Professor by Mind Map: Crimes of the Mathmatics Professor

1. Have flashbacks to show how caring and loving his old dogs was (guilt)

2. Make the professor adopt a dying dog (a dog who is currently in his old dog's situation

3. Have something to symbholise a fresh start such as Sunrising, Cherry Blossom (Japanese Culture) or cold air?

4. Bring up the symbolism that dogs symbolizes loyalty however ironic as they are the ones to be abadoned

5. Make it clear that the professor is wealthy and he abandoned his dog by choice rather than being forced to

6. Purchasing a new puppy to love/care for (john wick)

7. Returning to his old city inorder to try to look for his dog

8. Imagery

8.1. “When the man reached the highest hill… uneven rooftops of the houses could barely be seen… River which seen from above seemed motionless” → Gives the reader a sense of isolation.

9. Symbolism

9.1. The dog in the story Crimes of the mathmatics professor symbolized God, Religion

9.2. Psychoanalytical lens, The tree symbolizes God and the plateau symbolizes our Id, Ego and Superego. On one side is our Id, and on the other our Superego. By having God in our lives, it alters the scale and moves our the position of our Ego and leans towards one side, “a false center”

10. Irony

10.1. The mathematics professor chose a Sunday morning to bury the dead dog which is ironic as Sunday mornings are generally reserved for church and funerals/burials are generally not held on this date. This could have been intentional as he would like to skip church?

11. Contrast

11.1. The man (mathematics professor) who was described as a logical thinker and not based on emotion. The contrast between the first and third person narrator, where one is logical and retells events as they happened whereas the first person narrator is unreliable and clouded by guilt and sadness.

12. Diction

12.1. The tone of the story starts out to be very somber, as the mathematics professor is burying the dead dog that he had found in the streets. However, after he had buried his dog, the tone became cheerful and upbeat as he had flashbacks of all the cute and loving memories he had with his dog Joe, when he realizes that the “crime of abandoning his dog” was not a crime at all.

13. Pathetic Fallacy

13.1. Clear Sunday morning and “In the distance, he saw the highest mountain with its dry slopes”. The opposite of what is expected during a funeral where it is cloudy and gloomy and hence foreshadows the unburial at the end of the story.

14. Flashbacks

14.1. The large majority of the story is told in flashbacks and it gives context to his actions. Flashbacks showed us that before the burial of the dead dog in which he found on the streets, he had always felt guilty about abandoning his dog Joe. However, afterwards, the guilt is no longer present and he feels relieved.