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Day 3 Visual and Unstructured Analytics by Mind Map: Day 3  Visual and Unstructured Analytics
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Day 3 Visual and Unstructured Analytics

Qualitative Data Analysis

Legal Analytics

Visualising Unstructured

Market Research Survey Analytics

Analytics for Unstructured Data

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Effective Visual Analytics

Every executive requires a visual communication of information. This has to be done in with a simple user interface that communicates a story . The layout must be elegant , usable, readbale and gets the objective well undertood by the reader. It is not easy to build a simple provides the minimal viable decision to make a decision. Any effective bisual also requires an executive summary that contains enough information for the readers to be guided through the analytics. Usually, it contains a statement of the problem, some background information, a description of any alternatives, and the major conclusions. Someone reading an executive summary should get a good idea of main points of the document without becoming bogged down with details.

Mapping Visualization

Process Visualization


Structure Visualization

Network Visualization Methods


Social and Semantic Web Analytics

Semantic Web

Social Media

Communicating Analytics

Audience Landscape

Meaningfull Metrics