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1. Definition.- Promotes the development of the use of languaje.

2. There are between 4 – 6 stages in the writing process. Are:

2.1. Pre-writing: stimulate the creativity into the future writers. They must flow their ideas.

2.2. Planning-Outline: Think and decide on what is going to be said, considering the purpose, which may affect the type of text to be written.

2.3. Drafting: The first version of a piece of writing is known as a draft.

2.4. Revising: The writer analyses the content and makes decisions about how to improve writing, also the author will be looking at writing from a different point of view.

2.5. Editing: Proofreading for mechanics and grammar.

2.6. Final version.

3. Strategies

3.1. Lead-in

3.2. Gist reading of a model text

3.3. Task to focus on language/layout

3.4. Brainstorm ideas and make notes

3.5. Organise notes and make a rough plan

3.6. Write the first draft

3.7. Revise/Edit

3.8. Write a final version