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Fairyland by Mind Map: Fairyland

1. Hello, hello! What a wonder! My magic wand can turn into a simple messenger. What luck! Just in time when I need someone badly to discuss everything that has happened to me and decide what to do next. Let’s see if it’s working… beeps… it looks like I could type here. Hm… I’ll try and see if anyone will reply. I am a girl, 10 years old, funny, brave, and athletic. I’ve got light curly hair. I was given a magic wand by my dear grandma and bet what I tried first? Of course, it was a trip!!! Not just a trip but a whole journey to the Fairyland. At first glance, it all seems friendly now. Here are 4 seasons, but summer is long, unlike spring and autumn. They are short. Winter is snowy and not cold. A lot of animals, most of them are herbivores. They aren’t aggressive. I hope I am on a wonderful unusual journey. I am already in the land but I don’t know where to start from. Would you help me please to get around here?

1.1. Ok. You are looking far in the distance. What do you see there?

1.1.1. Oh, I see a huge mountain, there is a beautiful castle on top of it. I wonder who lives in it and how can I get there? All animals follow me. Maybe they will help me somehow. Here is the path. It leads to the castle. The castle is so high. Ok. What did you eat today? I’m so hungry. What a miracle, I just thought about it, and where am I? At that very moment, I found myself in the castle. It's so beautiful here. There are a lot of pictures and a mirror on the walls. Oh, the mirror looks magical. I look in the mirror and see my house, my grandmother. I am looking at the castle, in the distance. someone just snatched out my wand. I see a monkey jumping through the trees with my magic wand. It's running to the castle. Not far from me, a beautiful lion lay on the grass. Lion: You are in a wonderful country, but newcomers here must be careful. Most likely, the monkey ran into the castle. That's where she usually hides all the magic stuff. There are many mysterious things in the castle. Look around, the monkey always leaves an amulet with hints.

1.2. You can ask Lion for help. He is king of animals and monkey must listen to him.

1.2.1. Ok, I will try

1.2.2. Your Majesty, one of your subjects (подданный) stole my magic wand. Could you return it to me? Yes, of course, I am the guarantor of legality. (гарант законности) What should I do for this?