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HR Web Site by Mind Map: HR Web Site

1. Items to be Delivered- New Hire Packet on Company rules and regulations with HR contact info


2.1. Low Cost

2.1.1. Help Website Job Seekers with Search

2.2. Virtual

2.3. Minimal Labor/On-line Totally Concept

2.4. Temp and Perm Work on Site

2.5. Recruiters who meet with you viturally and send out your resume to your clients.

3. Notes

4. Project Information

4.1. Definition-The website is created so people can have an on-line recruiter (on on-line agency) to help them with their job search). This will provide a way for our clients to have a virtual recruiter.

4.2. Extent

4.2.1. Included- Basic HR and Computer Info

4.2.2. Excluded- N/A

5. Timeline

5.1. Schedule- start project website in July 2012 and make sure it is uplooad and running by August 2012 (about 6 weeks later) Post jobs when company has access to them so we can have public's contact info as soon as possible, so we can create a list.

5.2. Get investors to join- present to a VC to invest in our concept?

5.3. Resources- Basic office supplies, computers, various departments.

5.4. A few of the major issues I can think of is limited money to start the start the site and pay the staff that is needed to start the company and some tech issues with the site.

6. Concerns

6.1. New Concept

6.1.1. Ecomony- How much do we invest in this concept? How much should we expect stakeholders to invest?

6.1.2. People might think this site is a scam.

6.1.3. How to fix certain computer related issues, such as a slow program?

6.1.4. Duration-How long will it take to get the timeling going? How should we fix any issues in a timely manner?

6.2. Delivery Timeline- To actually make sure the site is on line I have spoke to VC in order to talk to VC to have funds for the site and company. The site would go up the quickest- with in about 4 weeks and the publicist would be hired who would maintain it. The site would have 1 page at first just to have an update on the daily jobs posted so my clients can apply and my internal HR employees can sources the resumes.

6.3. Requirements-The main requirement to start the site is to make sure we have atleast 300 users signed up for our job search services. When people first come to the site, they must fill out information to sign up for e-mails in order to apply for our posted jobs.

7. Actions

7.1. July 2012-August 2012

7.1.1. Start site in 6 weeks

7.1.2. Have 300 people sign up services by 12/2012

7.2. Limitations

7.2.1. Schedule

7.2.2. Budject- $1,200

7.3. Define Project Development Measurement- How much money and how many people do we place in jobs?