Trump protectionism

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Trump protectionism by Mind Map: Trump protectionism

1. Protegere = Means to protect

2. On the market, a country can "shield" their own, and make it so other countries have higher import fees.

3. This can be done, where someone buys their generals good cheap from other countries and sells them at higher price in their own.

4. It makes the contry grow, but at the expense of other countries, since the only market that grows, is their own.

5. Because there is a lack of international competitions and innovations, that makes the products of poor quality

6. A protectionist spiral could be a severe problem, not only to the domestic country that runs protectionism, but the whole world.

7. And therefor the opposite is achieved with protectionism.

8. Protectionism can give short term benefits, but in the long term it can lead to catastrophic consequenses