Import/Export Vocabulary

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Import/Export Vocabulary by Mind Map: Import/Export Vocabulary

1. Export

1.1. Export (v.)

1.1.1. E.g.: Japan exports cars, electronic devices and computers.

1.2. Export (n.)

1.2.1. E.g.: About 80 percent of China's exports are manufactured goods.

1.3. Exporter (n.)

1.3.1. E.g. Our company is a leading exporter of tea.

1.4. Exportation (n.)

1.4.1. E.g.: The new law prohibits the exportation of tobacco products.

2. Import

2.1. Import (v.)

2.1.1. E.g.: The U.S. imports oil from all over the world.

2.2. Import (n.)

2.2.1. E.g.: The company's imports are delivered by ship.

2.3. Importer (n.)

2.3.1. E.g.: The importer is responsible for insurance coverage.

2.4. Importation (n.)

2.4.1. E.g.: There are restrictions on the importation of foreign goods.