reflective essay

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reflective essay by Mind Map: reflective essay

1. self reflections

1.1. self reflections were really hard for me because in class i never really felt like my work was good enough so i was always giving my self bad numbers on the grading scale

2. quality of ones work

2.1. me judging the quality of my own work im really rough on myself me judging someone elses quality of work is really hard for me because i feel me finding mistakes make them feel like there work is not good enough

3. persistance with difficult tasks

3.1. i stay persistant no matter how hard my task is becuase if i do not finish i will feel so stupid or horrible

4. New node

5. goal setting

5.1. in my situation goal nsetting was to follow all my due dates and get everything i could turned in on time to the best of my ability

6. study skills

6.1. the study skills i needed for this situation was at least an hour a day for our weekly tests.

6.1.1. the study skills i didnt use were these i just studied as much as i thought i needed to and it was never really good enough so i didnt do so well

7. ability to guage

7.1. my ability to guage in activitys is great for me i love working with other people

7.1.1. i really dont like working individuly that is really hard for me because i like asking lots of questions and getting different views on things