Technology Mindmap

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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. What did you think technology was before the module?

1.1. A way to make life easier (in the context of communication, socialization and work)

1.2. Electronics such as cellphones, laptops, GPS, cameras, printers, USB sticks, television

1.2.1. "When people think of “technology,” they tend to think of human artifacts such as machines, electronic devices, scientific hardware, or industrial manufacturing systems." (Isman, 2012) “In fact, technology is a word we use all of the time, and ordinarily it seems to work well enough as a shorthand, catch-all sort of word,” (Sacasas, 2014)

1.3. Entertainment and socialization

2. How my new knowledge of technology has changed my thinking

2.1. There are many different ways to define technology

2.1.1. Technology as Hardware (Dyer, 2021) Clocks, hammers, a can of pop. Anything that does not control naturally

2.1.2. Technology as manufacturing (Dyer, 2021) Things/hardware that are made and used to make the things/hardware in the above definition

2.1.3. Technology as methodology (Dyer, 2021) The routines, methods and rules when using and making the hardware

2.1.4. Technogogy as sociology (Dyer, 2021) This discussion post and conversation back and forth with peers, watching a live concert online from your living room and virtual classrooms

3. What do you think of technology now?

3.1. Technology is anything that makes my or anyone else's life easier

3.1.1. "Technology is anything useful invented by the mind." (Kelly, 2010)

3.2. Technology has been around for thousands of years

3.2.1. It is "Anything that wasn't around when you were born." (Greelish, 2013)

3.3. Technology is everything from the chair that I am sitting on and laptop that I am typing on, to the furnace in my home keeping me warm and the shovel and salt I used on my driveway

3.3.1. "Technology represents the combination of human understanding of natural laws and phenomena accumulated since ancient times to make things that fulfil our needs and desires or that perform certain functions" (Karatsu, 1990).

4. My definition of technology

4.1. Technology is everything that surrounds us that serves a purpose whether it be for functional purposes, entertainment purposes or aesthetic purposes. A mirror on the wall to see your reflection, a brush to comb your hair, a blowdrier to style it and mascara for your eyelashes are all technology, created by technology by the use of methods and routine by people working together, which is also technology.

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