Brennan McCullar Introduction

Mind Map

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Brennan McCullar Introduction by Mind Map: Brennan McCullar Introduction

1. Work/Experience

1.1. During college, I did an internship where I spent 8 weeks shading physicians in all areas of pediatrics. During this internship I determined that I wanted to be a physician,

1.2. Growing up I worked as a nanny during the summers. Being a nanny was my first job. It taught me to never underestimate others.

1.3. Since the fall of 2017 I have worked as a hospitalist physician at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis, TN.

2. Education

2.1. I attended Clemson University for college.

2.2. Immediately following college, I started medical school at the University of Tennessee. I graduated from medical school in 2014.

2.3. After medical school, I began my internal medicine residency at the University of Tennessee. I completed residency in 2017.

3. Personal

3.1. I have a toddler who is 16-months old. He keeps me on my toes.

3.2. My husband is an insurance broker.

3.3. I am from Memphis, TN and have lived here most of my life except for my time at college.

4. Hobbies

4.1. In my free time, I love to exercise specifically by attending barre classes.

4.2. I have run 3 half marathons in my life.

4.3. I want to learn how to actually cook someday when I am finally finished with school.